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Encore une chanson!!

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Les meilleures vacances de ta vie

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7JW Trouvez les mots!

Bonjour 7JW. Today we will be starting a new topic. But what is it about? Look at the word cloud below and in the back of your books in rough, try to find at least 5 words that you know how to say in French (or go for 10 if you are feeling brave today), write them down, then try to guess what the topic for the next few weeks is.
holidays wordle jpeg

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8B3 Wie komme ich am besten?

ger directions fling

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GCSE French Reading Challenges

The following link goes to an excellent website that has some interactive reading challenges on them. Great to keep your vocab ticking over!

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Yr 9 Métro 3 Pour aller …?

Yr 9 Métro 3 ch 3 blockbusters

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Yr 11 Expo 4 Ch 3 Là où j’habite

Yr 11 blockbusters

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8B3 10/12/14

fun with languages

click on German, then KS3, then 1Hallo. attempt any of the exercises in this topic.

languages online

in the left hand side click on Deutsch, then try some of the things in the Logo 2 units

australian languagesonline

click on German (in the middle), try anything, suggestions are 32. modes of transport 28. the weather

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9red sentences to help you revise

revision help

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7JW Tu as un animal?

Hello 7JW. For part of your homework, I would like you to post a sticky note, telling me what pets you have at home. See my sticky note for an example and be careful to listen to the instructions on how to do this in class.

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