The time has come to say goodbye 😥

All Strasbourg 2016 photos here

Well what can I say? Shortly, yet another Thirsk MFL Strasbourg trip will come to a close. A group of weary students (and even wearier teachers) will have gone through Yorkshire border control, back into God’s own country. But boy what a great time has been had. New things and places have been seen, new foods discovered, new sounds and languages listened to and tried and finally new friendships made.
Whilst it is always difficult for me to leave my own sons and husband to lead a languages trip, always such an immense amount of paperwork, pre trip meetings to run, countless things to check… I do hope that our students have had an enjoyable trip. I shall be asking some of them to help me put up some displays and capture some memories. Until the next time Strasbourg, au revoir! 🇫🇷🇩🇪🇪🇺

*drum roll* It’s time for the Strasbourg trip 2016 awards

Every time we do the Strasbourg trip, we look for people who gave really contributed something to the trip and we run this (cough) VERY loosely, under the guise of an awards event. The fact that we have to run this in the coach, means that it lacks a little showbiz but nonetheless, it celebrates some great moments from the trip. So here we go with this year’s winners:
Best fashion guru: the sharply dressed Sebastian who simply wowed us with his style, nice one Seb!
Best romance / bromance: Mr OPW and Mr Acheson, though more in the style of Phil and Grant or was it the Chuckle Brothers
Junior Apprentice award for services to business: Gemma
Best memory of the trip: Europapark and in particular the Silver Star ride, though watching a group of our students stand in the wrong place and get drenched by the water ride came close
Must delicious food tried: churros and Camembert
Best ride: Silver Star closely followed by Blue Fire
Most promising language student: very close this one but Kieran just edged it
Most likely to become Prime Minister: Molly D, that girl is going places!
Most likely to become a TV celebrity: Chloe, never without her sunglasses!
Most likely to win the World Cup/Ashes: Will and Alfie
Most likely to marry royalty: Charlotte
Most likely to win an award for charity work: Maddie
Foghorn/ where’s the volume control award: Molly S
The ‘under the radar’award / all round nice guy Sam K
The ‘lime works wonders’ award for services to the lime growing industry : Esther
The Kim Kardashian selfie award: Mr OPW
Most likely to work in a call centre award for most time spent on a phone: joint award to Oran and Vicky
and finally…
The ‘Mattress King’ award for his ability to sleep anywhere: Harry

Many other nominations yet very worthy winners, well done to all 😎🇫🇷🇩🇪🇪🇺 I leave you with 2 great photos from the trip, one a beautiful example of the fine art of photography and one… Well what can I say, but which is which? I’ll let you decide 😉😎



Take me home, country roads, to the place, I belong

We are en route as I speak. We have had a lunch stop already and we are heading for the port of Dunkerque. So far we have watched nearly 3 DVDs and we are going for a new ‘selfie on the coach’ record. Questions, questions, there have been so many questions this holiday ranging from ‘Is Dover near Edinburgh?’ ‘Why are we on the wrong side of the road?’ , ‘Do marmalade bees exist?’ And ‘Will we get jet lag?’ So many questions, so little time. Updates to follow

Strasbourg 2016 4th full day

Photos here
Wed: Our fourth full day has been spent at Europapark, Europes biggest theme park. As usual the rides didn’t disappoint and an excellent day was had by all. I think the Silver Starvride was a student favourite. Personally I think you can’t really go wrong with a nice genteel monorail. Photos are in our flickrbook above.
Tea tonight was hamburger and chips amongst other things. Time to pack now before our homeward journey tomorrow. Don’t forget to check out our entries on the Thirsk School Facebook page and we have been using the Thirsk Music dept’s Twitter feed to keep the world up to date.
See you on the other side!

Strasbourg 2016 3rd full day

Photos are here
Tues: 3rd full day in Strasbourg and what a great day! After breakfast we went to Freiburg in Germany, about an hour away. We looked around the German market and the town of Freiburg itself. There was a chance to visit a proper German Konditorei to buy a delicious cake. 🍰. Then we went further into the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) to have our picnic and a play before going on the cable car at Schauinsland. The students thoroughly enjoyed the ride and were vying to see who had the best cable car selfie – I think my group won 😎. Then we travelled back to our centre for tea (fish and chips was on the menu amongst other things!!). Later on, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful evening and took the group to the nearby Orangerie park to see the storks and other animals there and also to play football, rounders and other games. A great end to an excellent day.

Strasbourg 2016 2nd full day

Photos hereA bit rainy on Monday, ok well a lot rainy but it did brighten up later. We started off walking into Strasbourg centre , sheltered from the rain in the beautiful cathedral, and then went on the boat trip around Strasbourg. Afterwards, we had some spare time in Strasbourg where people visted unique, never before seen shops such as Adidas and Superdry and eat in a quaint bijou one off restaurant called McDonald’s, I think. 😉 Later we went to the pretty little town of Riquewihr and explored its main street. Plenty of opportunity for present buying. A nice day topped off by a very yummy ice cream (2 boules!). Back to the centre for tea (spag bol) and then a bit of chill time before bed.

Strasbourg 2016 First full day

Here is the start of our Flickr book for Strasbourg 2016. Not much to report from today other than it was a long day! Made amazingly good progress in the night and we were down at Dover early. We had a bit of a wait until our ferry to Dunkerque but the ferry crossing was reasonable. It is and always will be a long journey over to Strasbourg. We stopped for a picnic lunch in Luxembourg just avoiding the rain and then set off again. Our progress was delayed by 2 traffic jams but we eventually arrived here just before seven. Quick drop off of bags in rooms before tea. We were all very tired tonight so decided to leave exploration of Strasbourg until tomorrow morning. Showers, chill time with some tunes from Mr Pierce Williams (he was in his element) and then bed! Bonne nuit! Strasbourg 2016 Flickr book


Ok so it is 4.20 in the morning. The roads have been incredibly quiet. So much so that we could be mega early for our ferry. Why am I still awake you ask? Seems like some of these pupils are too cool for sleep. To us somewhat older teachers, who need our sleep, this is a form of torture.
We stopped at Peterborough on the way down where predictably all pupils piled into McDonald’s. Chicken nuggets at quarter to one in the morning? Of course.
We stopped at Birchangar services to pick up our driver Duncan. We stopped for fuel near Gillingham. And still the sleepless teenagers march on. We are going to have some seriously tired and crotchety people later, mark my words.hmmmm…

Strasbourg 2016

As I write this, there is about an hour and a half before I set off to go down to Thirsk School to go off on the Strasbourg trip. As usual my mind is running overtime and I am hoping that everything is packed! We hope to update you on here with photos and news from our trip so please call back here. Also check out Thirsk School on Facebook for our updates too. Merci!