Launch of the European Language Olympics competition

On your marks, get set for the ALL European Language Olympics 2010!
Yet again, I am proud to report that Thirsk School is taking part in an on-line languages competition run by a friendly company in New Zealand (Language Perfect).

The ALL European Language Olympics 2010 will soon be starting. This is a brand new competition run in association with ALL corporate member Language Perfect. There will be intense online competition as students learn vocabulary, verbs and common phrases from a wide range of foreign languages. Amazing prizes, certificates and gold medals for top students. It’ll be country vs country. School vs school. Mate vs mate. Boys vs girls. Class versus class. It’s about FUN learning, connecting the world together and illustrating the relevance of learning foreign languages.

Learn, Compete, Win. Let the games begin!

Warm-up week: 19th – 26th September.

Competition: 26th September – 16th October (starting on the European Languages Day and finishing on the final day of the Commonwealth Games 2010).

Your language teacher will shortly be able to provide you with your login details. Here is the address of the website needed:

But I have also prepared a small video to show you what to do (yes that is my voice!) Here is the link for the short video:

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