European Language Olympics – important update!

At this moment in time, I feel immensely proud of the achievements of Thirsk School in the European Language Olympics competition – a sentiment that I am sure is echoed by both the head and deputy heads of our school.

The scoreboard currently shows our score of 155,934 points. WOW! This is more than ever could have been dreamt of at the start of the competition. We are in 7th position out of 122 schools who have taken part in this competiton. Amazing!

There is now just a little more than 1 day until this competition is closed and there is of course time for one last big push to add to our points total. Remember that every point counts so keep nudging those friends who could help our total!

So who are our top scorers so far in the competition? Well I can let you know that at this moment in time we have 1 gold medallist, 4 silver medallists and 23 bronze medallists who will also be entered into a draw to win some lovely prizes.

Chloe R is our top scorer and gold medallist with 3780 points. Our silver medallists are as follows: Robin T 2742, Megan W 2713, Jamie B 2523 and Ami P 2317.

The next 5 highest scoring bronze medallists are as follows: Sam R 1955, Alex D 1469, Billy T 1456, Jonathan T 1419 and Bethany C 1403. Well done to all our bronze medallists so far but there are a couple of people lurking just out of a bronze medal – James P 991 – come on, get another 9 points!!! Sam C 961, Chris R 950, Antony D 933 and Holly D 908 – you have time to get your bronze medal if you make it to 1,000 points before midnight tomorrow! (Thurs).

Top tip – go for the different lists, these will get you more points.

So what do you think? Have you enjoyed the competition? Anyone sending me a (sensible) comment to this post will get a green comment – don’t forget I have to moderate before it shows up on the blog!

The clock is ticking – get those last few points!!! 🙂

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